Soldier of the Road

A film and DVD by Bernard Josse in collaboration with Gérard Rouy

How do you become Peter Brötzmann? How do you become what you are: a painter, a musician, an absolute artist? Europe was nothing but a ruin and shame possessed the heart of the young Germans. They needed to invent, scream, and regain a lost brotherhood. Overcome this silence! That’s how some young German, British, Dutch, Belgian… musicians made Europe exist long before Maastricht and have kept on cherishing, imperturbably, their freedom. They are no longer twenty-year-olds, but others have followed. They set themselves one constraint: reinvent everything every time. A way to take the very instant into account, to let the unexpected in, to match to the world.

With special appearance by Peter Brötzmann, Fred Van Hove, Evan Parker, Han Bennink + Joe McPhee, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Marino Pliakas, Michael Wertmüller, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Michael Zerang, Paal Nilssen-Love, Jeb Bishop, Conny Bauer, Johannes Bauer, Kent Kessler.

Bonus tracks of the DVD:
Complementary interviews (30 min) of Jost Gebers (FMP), Evan Parker, Han Bennink, Fred Van Hove, Peter Brötzmann, Michael Wertmüller.
Concert extracts (30 min) of Sonore in Wuppertal - Germany (2008), Chicago Tentet in Amsterdam - Holland (2009), The Damage is Done quartet in Montreuil - France (2009), Fred Van Hove private solo in Antwerp - Belgium (2009).

Technical infos of the DVD:
PAL all zones, Film: 93 min, Format 16/9, Dolby stereo, original language: English, French and German menus and subtitles.

©Bernard Josse 2011