The Berlin Station
Phil Minton
Phil Minton-vocals:
with Sven-Åke Johansson-percussion, accordion, vocals
with Ernst Reijseger-cello; Tony Oxley-electronics
with Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Michel Waisvisz-synthesizer
with Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Hugh Davies-live electronics
Recorded February 1984, October 1985 and January 1986 in Berlin.
LP: SAJ-57 Video

Look at the Music
Various Musicians
Peter Brötzmann/Lawrence ‘Butch’ Morris/Garrett List
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Lawrence ‘Butch’ Morris-cornet; Garrett List-trombone
Recorded February 1984 in Berlin.
(Originally released in 2002 as part of Seesound/Look at the music:
a sound art anthology
produced by Ystad Art Museum, Sweden.)
(One track – Tresplantation by Brötzmann – on this compilation)
This version limited to 150 copies.
CD: Olof Bright OBCD09 Video

Tokyo Meeting 1984
Various Artists
Toshinori Kondo-trumpet, Chinese oboe, voice, loud speaker, percussion;
Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet, tarogato;
Yuji Takahashi-piano, voice, toy piano; Ryuichi Sakamoto-synthesizer;
Kazumi Watanabe-guitar; Henry Kaiser-guitar; Bill Laswell-electric bass;
Rodney Drummer-bass; Cecil Monroe-drums; Kiyohiko Senba-percussion, piano
Recorded March 1984 in Tokyo; Japan.
Cassette/Book: Dessert T9A1094

Rising Tones Cross
A Jazz Film by Ebba Jahn
Peter Kowald Quartet
Peter Kowald Trio
John Zorn & Wayne Horvitz
Billy Bang's Forbidden Planet
William and Patsy Parker Ensemble
Charles Tyler Quintet
Jemeel Moondoc Sextet
Irène Schweizer & Rüdiger Carl

Peter Brötzmann Ensemble:
Roy Campbell Jr.-trumpet; Jemeel Moondoc-alto saxophone; Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone; Charles Gayle-tenor saxophone; David S. Ware-tenor saxophone; Frank Wright-tenor saxophone; Masohiko Kono-trombone; Irène Schweizer-piano; Peter Kowald-double bass; William Parker-double bass; Rashied Ali-drums
(One track - Alarm by Peter Brötzmann - on this Video/DVD)

Don Cherry and Sound Unity Festival Orchestra:
Ellen Christi-voice; Don Cherry-piano; Daniel Carter-alto saxophone; Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone; Rüdiger Carl-tenor saxophone; Peter Kowald-double bass; Wilber Morris-double bass, Dennis Charles-drums & Maria Mitchell, dance.
(One track - Kangaroo hoople by Don Cherry - on this Video/DVD).
various interviews with Charles Gayle, Peter Kowald and William Parker.
Recorded May 1984 in New York.
DVD: FilmPals DVD 01

14 Love Poems
Peter Brötzmann Solo
Peter Brötzmann-alto-, tenor & baritone saxophone, tenor sax mouthpiece,
a-clarinet, e-flat clarinet; bass clarinet, tarogato
Recorded August 1984 in Berlin.
LP: FMP 1060; CD reissue: FMP CD 125
LP reissue 2020: CF023, Cien Fuegos

sounds like whoopataal
Book (328 pages, in German only)
by E. Dieter Fränzel / Jazz AGe
Accompanying the book is an enhanced CD featuring
2 tracks by Peter Brötzmann/solo from 14 Love Poems
CD zum Buch: sounds like whoopataal without number

Bratislava Jazz Days 1984
Various Artists
Brötzmann-Tippett Quartet & Julie Tippetts:
Julie Tippetts-voice; Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone; Johannes Bauer-trombone; Keith Tippett-piano; Willi Kellers-drums
Recorded October 1984 in Bratislava, Slovakia.
LPs: Opus 9115 1652/53

Berlin Djungle
Peter Brötzmann Clarinet Project
Toshinori Kondo-trumpet; Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, clarinet, tarogato; Tony Coe-clarinet; J.D. Parran-clarinet; E-L. Petrowsky-clarinet; Louis Sclavis-clarinet, bass clarinet; John Zorn-clarinet, mouthpieces; Johannes Bauer-trombone; Alan Tomlinson-trombone; William Parker-double bass; Tony Oxley-drums.
Recorded November 1984 in Berlin.
LP: FMP 1120; CD reissue: Atavistic USM246CD