Live at the Knitting Factory - volume 4
Various musicians:
Last Exit
Sonny Sharrock-guitar; Peter Brötzmann-saxophones; Bill Laswell-six string bass;
Ronald Shannon Jackson-drums, voice
(One track - The Sprawl - on this compilation)
Recorded February 1990 in New York.
CD: Knitting Factory Works KFWCD 100

Organized Chaos
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Nicky Scopelitis-guitar, Shoji Hano-drums
Recorded June 1990 in Berlin.
CD: Konnex KCD 5103

Niels & the New York Street Percussionists
Niels Jensen
Niels Jensen-vocal, dobro; Peter Brötzmann-saxes; Robert Musso-keyboards;
Bernie Worrel-keyboards; Nicky Scopelitis-fairlight; Bill Laswell-bass;
Jamal Evans-buckets, metals
Recorded July/August 1990 in New York
CD: ITM 1453CD

Last Home
Peter Brötzmann/Caspar Brötzmann
Peter Brötzmann-tenor & bass saxophone; Eb clarinet, tarogato,
Caspar Brötzmann-guitar.
Recorded August 1990 in Brooklyn, USA.
LP: Patholigical Path 4, CD: Pathological Path 04

No Nothing
Peter Brötzmann
Peter Brötzmann-brötzophone, alto-, tenor & bass saxophone, tarogato,
e-flat clarinet, bass clarinet.
Recorded December 1990 in Berlin.