Imabari Meeting 1991 Live
Various Artists:
Bill Laswell Drop Zone
Peter Brötzmann-saxes; Akira Sakata-saxes; Yukihiro Isso-nohkan;
Bill Laswell-electric bass; Anton Fier-drums; Kiyohiko Senba-drums
Recorded August 1991 in Imabari, Japan.
DoCD: Meldac MECA38001/002

Autonomous Zone
The Map is not a Territory
Toshinori Kondo-trumpet, synthesizer; Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, clarinet, tarogato, bass clarinet; Akira Sakata-soprano & alto saxophone, clarinet, shenai; Yukihiro Isso-Japanese flute; Haruo Togashi-synthesizer; Foday Musa Suso-kora, talking drums, vocal; Bill Laswell-electric bass; Ginger Baker-drums; Anton Fier-drums, drum machine, percussion; Hideo Yamaki-drums, drum machine, balaphone, percussion
Recorded August 1991 in Tokyo.
CD: Meldac MECA30012

Dare Devil
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, tarogato; Haruhiko Gotsu-electric guitar;
Tetsu Yamauchi-electric bass; Shoji Hano-drums, percussion
Recorded October 1991 in Tokyo.

Funny Rat
Peter Brötzmann/Shoji Hano
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, tarogato;
Shoji Hano-drums, percussion
Recorded October 1991 in Aku-Aku, Tsukuba-City, Ibaragi-Ken, Japan.
Cassette Release: EGG 89002; CD: Improvised Music from Japan IMJ-512

Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, tarogato;
Fred Hopkins-double bass; Rashied Ali-drums
Recorded October 1991 in Berlin.
CD: FMP CD 53, DoLP & CD reissue: Trost, TR138

Visions & Blueprints
B-Shops for the poor featuring Peter Brötzmann
Jon Dobie-guitar, alto saxophone, computing; David Petts-tenor saxophone, computing; Louise Petts-alto saxophone, vocals; Steve Blake-tenor & soprano saxophone; John Edwards-acoustic & electric bass;
Peter Brötzmann-saxophone & tarogato.
Recording dates unknown.
CD: No Wave NW CD 2

Ode to a Tractor
Peter Brötzmann-bass-saxophone (1 track only); Jens Johansson-keyboard;
Otto von Wandenburg-guitar; Jonas Hellborg-electric bass, synthesizer;
Bill Laswell-bass; Anders Johansson-drums; Jamal Evans-percussion
Recording dates unknown - probably 1991 in New York, released 1992.
CD: DayEightMusic DEMCD030