Soria Moria
Frode Gjerstad/Peter Brötzmann
Frode Gjerstad-Eb, Bb and bass clarinet;
Peter Brötzmann-tarogato, A-clarinet, bass clarinet
Recorded February 2003 in Stavanger, Norway.
CD: FMR CD126-i0603

Brötzmann/Friis Nielsen/Uuskyla
Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, tarogato, a-clarinet;
Peter Friis Nielsen-electric bass; Peeter Uuskyla-drums
Recorded March 2003 at Bohus Studio in Sweden.
CD: Atavistic ALP149CD

The Bishop's Move
Evan Parker Trio & Peter Brötzmann Trio

Evan Parker-soprano & tenor saxophone; Alexander von Schlippenbach-piano;
Paul Lytton-drums, percussion
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, tarogato, a-clarinet; William Parker-double bass;
Hamid Drake-drums, djembe, percussion
Recorded May 2003 in Victoriaville, Canada.
CD: Victo cd093

Festival MIMI 2003
Brötzmann & Brötzmann
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Caspar Brötzmann-guitar
Recorded July 2003 Iles du Frioul/Marseille, France
(One track – Sanity – on this compilation)
CD-R: without number

No One Ever Works Alone
Peter Brötzmann-alto, tenor & bass saxophone, tarogato, a-clarinet;
Mats Gustafsson-tenor & baritone saxophone;
Ken Vandermark-tenor & baritone saxophone, b-flat clarinet
Recorded October 2003 in Köln, Germany.
CD: Okka Disk OD12053