Peter Brötzmann has made the decision to cancel all of his live concerts for the remainder of 2021.
Due to health issues related to his COPD, coupled with the danger of traveling while Covid is still rampant in many countries, he feels it would be more sensible to play live again when things calm down in general.
Stay tuned for exciting new releases to be announced soon!

with the cancellation of Big Ears festival this morning & tonight’s ban on travel by non-u.s. citizens from Europe to the USA, all March & April 2020 Peter Brötzmann u.s. dates are cancelled.
Michael Ehlers

USA Tour 1/2020      CANCELLED (Corona virus)

Peter Brötzmann-reeds
26 March 2020

Big Ears Festival, Knoxville, TN, USA
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Andrew Cyrille-drums
27 March 2020

Big Ears Festival, Knoxville, TN, USA
31 March 2020
Hallwalls, Buffalo
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Jim White-drums
3 April 2020

Ojai Valley Woman’s Club, Ojai, California
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Jeff Parker-guitar, electronics;
Jim White-drums
4 April 2020

Zebulon, Los Angeles, California
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Jim White-drums
6 April 2020

The Chapel, San Francisco, California
Peter Brötzmann-reeds
7 April 2020

The Old Church Concert Hall, Portland


30 April – 17 May 2020 USA
Full Blast
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Marino Pliakas-electric bass;
Michael Wertmüller-drums

24 September – 11 October 2020 Japan
Brötzmann – Solo + Guests
Peter Brötzmann-reeds + Guests:
Masahiko Satoh-piano; Takeo Moriyama-drums;
Otomo Yoshihide-guitar & electronics;
Sabu Toyozumi-drums

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