Peter Brötzmann has made the decision to cancel all of his live concerts for the remainder of 2021.
Due to health issues related to his COPD, coupled with the danger of traveling while Covid is still rampant in many countries, he feels it would be more sensible to play live again when things calm down in general.
Stay tuned for exciting new releases to be announced soon!

The Instant Award in Improvised Music



Just released


BRÖTZMANN – Along the Way - (Works 2011 – 2020)
Book-220 pages-Din A4-edition of 800-hardcover
Expected release date: End of February 2021

With text contributions (in English only) by:
John Corbett, Thomas Millroth, Stephen O’Malley,
Heather Leigh, Markus Müller, Sotiris Kontos,
Karl Lippegaus
Book: Brötzmann-Along the Way
Available at:
Wolke Verlag, Trost, CvsD and Brötzmann

At Mu
Peter Brötzmann-Szilveszter Miklós
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Szilveszter Miklós-drums
Recorded live on September 2, 2016 at Mu Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
LP: msz20-001, Adyton Records, 2020-Out Now!!!

Front to Front
Van Hove/Brötzmann
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Fred Van Hove-piano
Recorded live at the Summer Bummer Festival
August 24, 2019, Antwerp, Belgium.
LP & DL: #009, Dropa Disc

That Time
The London Jazz Composers Orchestra
Kenny Wheeler-trumpet, flugelhorn; Harry Beckett-trumpet, flugelhorn; Dave Spence-trumpet, flugelhorn; Paul Rutherford-trombone; Alan Tomlinson-trombone; Paul Nieman-trombone; Melvyn Poore-tuba; Trevor Watts-reeds; Evan Parker-reeds; Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Larry Stabbins-reeds; Tony Coe-reeds; Philip Wachsmann-violin; Howard Riley-piano; Barry Guy-double bass; Peter Kowald-double bass; Tony Oxley-percussion; John Stevens-percussion
Track 3 & 4 only! Recorded March 1980, London.
CD: Not Two Records, MW 1001-2

Tongue in a Bell
Peter Brötzmann-Paul G. Smyth
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Paul G. Smyth-piano
Recorded live January 22, 2015 at Kevin Barry Room, Dublin, Ireland

Globe Unity Orchestra and Guests
Enrico Rava-trumpet; Manfred Schoof-trumpet; Kenny Wheeler-trumpet; Anthony Braxton-reeds; Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Rüdiger Carl-reeds; Gerd Dudek-reeds; Evan Parker-reeds; Michel Pilz-reeds; Günter Christmann-trombone; Albert Mangelsdorff-trombone; Paul Rutherford-trombone; Alexander von Schlippenbach-piano; Peter Kowald-double bass, tuba; Buschi Niebergall-double bass; Paul Lovens-drums, percussion & strings, musical saw.
Recorded November 1975 in Baden-Baden, Germany.
LP reissue: BE! Jazz 6178 (Limited edition of 200)

In a State of Undress
Brötzmann/Oliver/Kellers featuring Manfred Schoof
Manfred Schoof-trumpet, flugelhorn; Peter Brötzmann-saxophones, tarogato;
Jay Oliver-double bass; Willi Kellers-drums
Recorded March 1989 in Berlin.
LP Reissue: BE! Jazz 6179 (Limited edition of 200)

ICP Tentet in Berlin
ICP Tentet
Misha Mengelberg-piano; John Tchicai-alto saxophone; Gilius van Bergeyk-alto saxophone;
Peter Bennink-alto saxophone, bagpipes; Peter Brötzmann-alto-, tenor & baritone saxophone;
Bert Koppelaar-trombone; Michel Waisvisz-crackle box; Tristan Honsinger-cello;
Maarten van Regteren Altena-double bass; Han Bennink-drums.
Recorded April 1977 in Berlin.
LP reissue: BE! Jazz 6180 (Limited edition of 200)

Farewell Tonic
Full Blast
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Marino Pliakas-electric bass;
Michael Wertmüller-drums
Recorded live April 11, 2007 at Tonic Club, New York
LP: TR204, Trost Records, handnumbered

Memories of a Tunicate
Peter Brötzmann/Fred Lonberg-Holm
Peter Brötzmann-saxophone, tarogato, B-flat clarinet
Fred Lonberg-Holm-cello, electronics
Recorded June 12, 2019 at GSI Studios.
CD: RPR1104, Relative Pitch Records

Free Jazz & Kinder
Brötzmann-Van Hove-Bennink & 15 Kinder
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone; Fred Van Hove-piano;
Han Bennink-drums, etc. & 15 Children
Recorded April 1972 in Berlin.
LP reissue: TA 164, Tochnit Aleph

Not Two... but twenty
(Special,Limited Edition in 5-CD's wooden box)
Peter Brötzmann with….
1-Peter Brötzmann/Barry Guy/Zlatko Kaučič
2-Peter Brötzmann/Mikołaj Trzaska/Per-Âke Holmlander/Agustí Fernández 
3-Peter Brötzmann/Paal Nilssen-Love
Recorded live September 21-23, 2018 at the
Not Two 20 th Anniversary Festival in Wlen, Poland
5xCD in Box: MW 998-2, Not Two Records

The Catch of a Ghost
Peter Brötzmann/Maâlem Mouktar Gania/Hamid Drake
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, tarogato;
Maâlem Mouktar Gania-guembri, voice; Hamid Drake-drums
Recorded live May 10, 2019
at Angelica Festival Internazionale di Musica, Bologna, Italy
CD: IDA041, I Dischi i Angelica

14 Love Poems
Peter Brötzmann Solo
Peter Brötzmann-alto-, tenor & baritone saxophone, tenor sax mouthpiece,
a-clarinet, e-flat clarinet; bass clarinet, tarogato
Recorded August 1984 in Berlin.
LP reissue: CF023, Cien Fuegos

Big Bad Brötzmann Quintet
Peter Brötzmann-tarogato, tenor saxophone, clarinet;
Oliver Schwerdt-piano, percussion, little instruments;
John Edwards, John Eckhardt-double basses,
Christian Lillinger-drums, cymbals, percussion
Recorded October 7, 2017; Nato, Leipzig, Germany
CD: EUPH 066, Euphorium Records

Biturbo!, Capt’n
Big Bad Brötzmann Trio
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, clarinet;
Oliver Schwerdt-piano, percussion, little instruments;
Christian Lillinger-drums, cymbals, percussion
Recorded October 7, 2017; Nato, Leipzig, Germany
Mini CD: EUPH 065, Euphorium Records

I Surrender Dear
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone
Recorded July 16-18, 2018, Siewert’s Studio, Vienna, Austria
LP & CD: Trost TR190CD+LP

Fifty Years After...
Live at the Lila Eule 2018
Brötzmann/von Schlippenbach/Bennink
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Alexander von Schlippenbach-piano;
Han Bennink-drums
Recorded live May 26, 2018, Lila Eule, Bremen, Germany
LP & CD: Trost TR194CD+LP

South Moon Under
The Red Hook Concert
Peter Brötzmann-reeds; Heather Leigh-pedal steel guitar
Recorded live May 20, 2019, Pioneer Works, New York
CD: HL/BR 002, Only available directly from Brötzmann & Leigh!


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