Vanishing Images
Felix Droese
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, tarogato, clarinet
Recorded April 1993 in New York.
Documentation of an exhibition of Felix Droese in New York.
Limited box with 31 cards and a cassette (21 minutes)

Vier Tiere
Peter Brötzmann/Yukihiro Issoh/Tamio Kawabata/Ryojiro Furusawa
Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Yukihiro Isso-nohkan, dengakubue; Tamio Kawabata-bass; Ryojiro Furusawa-drums.
Recorded July 1993 in Tokyo.
CD: Clockwise 0010

Die Like A Dog: fragments of music, life and death of Albert Ayler
Die Like A Dog:
Peter Brötzmann/Toshinori Kondo/William Parker/Hamid Drake
Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, tarogato; Toshinori Kondo-trumpet, electronics;
William Parker-double bass; Hamid Drake-drums, frame-drum.
Recorded August 1993 in Berlin.
CD: FMP CD 64; CD reissue: JazzWerkstatt jw 60