Never Too Late But Always Too Early - dedicated to Peter Kowald
Peter Brötzmann/William Parker/Hamid Drake
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, tarogato, a-clarinet; William Parker-double bass, doussin gouni; Hamid Drake-drums
Recorded April 2001 Montreal, Canada.
DoCD: Eremite MTE-37/38

The Darkest River
The Wild Mans Band
Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, tarogato; Peter Friis Nielsen-electric bass; Peter Ole Jørgensen-drums & Pierre Dørge-guitar
Recorded May 2001 in Fredensborg, Denmark.
CD: Ninth World Music NWM 027

Peter Brötzmann/William Parker/Michael Wertmüller
Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, clarinet, tarogato; William Parker-double bass; Michael Wertmüller-percussion
Recorded June 2001 in New York.
CD: In Tone CD 5

Flying Feathers
Peter Brötzmann/Peter Friis Nielsen/Peeter Uuskyla
Peter Brötzmann-alto & tenor saxophone, tarogato; Peter Friis Nielsen-electric bass;
Peeter Uuskyla-drums
Recorded September 2001 in Kungälv, Sweden.
CD: FMR CD91-i0402

Sharp Knives Cut Deeper
Frode Gjerstad Trio with Peter Brötzmann
Frode Gjerstad-alto saxophone, clarinets; Øyvind Storesund-acoustic bass; Paal Nilssen-Love-drums & Peter Brötzmann-tenor saxophone, tarogato, clarinets
Recorded December 2001 in Stavanger, Norway.
CD: Splasc(H) CDH 850.2

Inside Out In The Open
Alan Roth-director, editor & producer
Various Artists & Ensembles
Featured Interviews:
Marion Brown, Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Alan Silva, Burton Greene, Joseph Jarman, Baikida Carroll, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, Susie Ibarra
Featured Artists:
Denis Charles, Glenn Spearman, Wilber Morris, Joseph Jarman, Peter Brötzmann, John Tchicai, Sun Ra and his Arkestra, In Order To Survive (William Parker, Cooper-Moore, Rob Brown, Susie Ibarra), Other Dimensions In Music (Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Rashid Bakr, William Parker, with Matt Shipp), Baikida Carroll, Reggie Workman and more.
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DVD: ESP - Disk 4042